About Us

Who we are

We, at Matruj Ayurveda dedicatedly focus on giving the best ayurvedic health supplements to the society. We cater to Pregnancy care, Post pregnancy care & Healthcare. Our Practise is based on Principles of Ayurveda that has a tradition that speaks of rich glorious record in the field of Ayurveda. We are blessed with a panel of experienced and trained doctors.

Matruj Ayurveda, started 15 years ago as a small manufacturing unit, an extended wing of ayurveda clinic, where doctors came together as young professionals. Gradually their dream shaped up towards a noble aim to provide quality medicines to the masses.

Matruj Ayurveda Pharmacy is dedicated to the “Mother” health care, right from the preconception to the post delivery stages & “Child” health care, right from fertilization to childhood stages.

Our Team

Dr. Vallabh Deshpande

Dr. Vallabh Deshpande has completed his Ayurveda education from Tilak Ayurvedic college, Pune. He has mastered his skills of Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Rasashastra from renowned Vaidyas of Pune and Kerala through Gurukul parampara. The product formulas designed for Matruj Ayurveda Pharmacy are outcome of his immense knowledge and efforts.

Dr. Tanuja Deshpande

Dr. Tanuja Deshpande has completed her Ayurveda education from K.G.Mittal Punarvasu Ayurveda College ,Mumbai. She has mastered skills of Panchakarma and Aushadhikaran from her Gurus through Gurukul Parampara at Mumbai. She has worked as an expert in Child Care and Gynaecology Faculty and achieved success. She has also worked with renowned organisations regarding clinical trials of various herbal formulations.